Who Are We?

NadaVira for educational Consultations and Student Services

NadaVira is a student consulting, service, and university agency located in the United Arab Emirates and the Turkish Republic, with its headquarters based in Istanbul.

The company’s primary objective is to provide guidance and assistance to students who aspire to study abroad. NadaVira is proud to be accredited by more than 25 universities in Turkey, Cyprus, and Malaysia and is actively working towards obtaining further accreditation in several other countries.

Who Are We, With NadaVira, you will not only get your university admission

we will follow up with you step by step on all logistical and service matters

The team ensures that students who wish to study in Turkey or abroad experience a seamless process, making their legal and academic matters effortless, while benefiting from the best discounts and scholarships available.

Drawing upon years of experience, NadaVira upholds credibility and transparency in all its dealings. We understand the challenges faced by students in choosing the right major, university, or country for their higher education journey. Therefore, our distinguished team of educational consultants provides personalized guidance and assistance. NadaVira is dedicated to making quality education more accessible by offering attractive discounts and partial grants that reach up to 80%, enabling students to pursue their dreams of studying in some of the best international universities.

NadaVira’s services:

As an authorized and official agent for universities in Turkey, NadaVira guarantees official university admission within a short period, making the process efficient and hassle-free for students.
NadaVira provides support in handling student visa applications and assists in obtaining student residence permits after students have been confirmed in their chosen universities.
NadaVira offers support, information, and courses to help students pass the preparatory year exam, saving them time, effort, and preparatory year fees.
NadaVira’s educational advisors provide advice and guidance to students, offering language learning courses. This helps students quickly grasp the Turkish language, helping them during their stay in Turkey.
NadaVira offers comprehensive support for students, providing multiple options for health insurance and healthcare services at affordable costs.

How can I enroll in a Turkish university?

NadaVira provides distinguished services and logistical packages to support students enrolling in Turkish universities. They handle registration and admission processes, offering official university admission within three days. Additionally, they assist with airport reception, high school diploma equivalency, student residence permit applications, transportation card support, and other various services, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for students studying in Turkey.

Contact our educational consultants for all the necessary information and advice on choosing the right major and university in Turkey. We offer free registration services for private universities, making the process easier for you.

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NadaVira for educational Consultations and Student Services

Official Agents of Top Turkish Universities

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Our team of educational consultants are ready to assist you. Contact us on WhatsApp, and we will provide you with all the necessary details, helping you choose the academic major that suits you best. Additionally, we will guide you to find the university with the most significant discounts and benefits when registering through NadaVira. Best of all, our admission and registration services are entirely free.
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